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What is some reward

Some reward for the spectacles of a business's plant (s glasses factory mainly responsible for the bandai doll caught selling business machines and other unconventional sub-clubs, the figure is generally produced inferior quality, some tour is no exception)
Strictly speaking, some products enjoy the reward (prize) also view products.

(B) the sale of some way to reward

I fear that this is the friend who is also the most difficult to understand some of the most interesting one, I have quite a few detours to figure out.

Some appreciation of the operating mode can be roughly interpreted as glasses factory on the next pass through the various copyright holders as well as the convenience store model chains, bookstores, each selling location is not fixed, can be said that every time some exclusive shops selling.

Cite a familiar example, many articles Piece Marlene Van (A reward for the ACE, B tours white beard that) we all know selling a total of three times, we can continue to be attacked glasses factory traders to make profits, but these are not simple and then stall .
First sold, exclusive shops are the family mart convenience stores in Japan (domestic family), small, short duration, I did not feel.
The second is an additional selling, trafficking in the model shop, a large scale, long duration, I am able to get two in two weeks time B tours.
The third form of a special edition with senven eleven sold primarily to convenience stores (711) of the op theme activities, limited to 711 sold, the duration is very short, basic day A, B tour was looted. . .

So you can see, on the one hand some re-trafficking is a reward glasses factory stores and convenience stores as well as the interests of the redistribution model, taking into account the market demand and facilitate the needs of players.

(C) some appreciation of the play

Some tours covering subjects including games, animation, television, films,where to get squinkies, inexplicably popular image of the (sweat) and so on.

Each draw is 500 yen or 800 yen (RMB40, respectively, and 65 co-yuan)
Reward the most common products are divided into A, B, C, D. . . . We say that B of A reward reward, and so on.

Generally speaking, the more forward in accordance with overall fewer number of reward items, the higher the quality, the most common pattern is the case, for example, A reward for the hand to do, number 3, B reward for the towel, the number 6
But there will be such as A, B, C, D tours are hand-done, are a number of conditions, then A, B, C, D tour is difficult to separate one is better, the same order of magnitude
In addition, there are no ABCD and reward products directly named, for example, xx hand to do tours.

Play is very simple, all reward items have been placed in the launching of the shop prominently, usually to reward products can touch and observe, such as to draw away from the tour product in a "voucher" to the cashier only can participate
Just work out from a square box in the lottery, the spot opens, lottery content is "X Award", then Exchange, took prizes, winning 100%.

(D) the price of some reward

As mentioned earlier, some reward for the UFC, there should be no pricing.
But there are several situations:

(1) some reward will be packaged for sale, such as �� 20,000 A-G package tours sold all 22 kinds of 100 and the like, this time in the day elegant and other sites,host tours goods incurs a higher price, lower reward products was low price deal.
(2) reward shop items to be early upper smoked, only lead to under-reward products no one is interested, he incurs the sale price.
(3) the same overall reward items, such as the G reward,usually have several options, the winner can choose in store, if there is popular role, although it may cause the same reward for the G, but the fate of several roles diametrically different phenomena, such as WCF seven military sea, the winning probability and the same number of roles, but because the female emperor popularity high, much higher than the market price of several other roles.

Reasons of the decision a lot more reward in the market trading price.
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new and old

Chase crews make up the single largest segment of dedicated participants. The 2000 event welcomed 3.480 chase crew members of all ages, from all walks of life. Depending on the size of the balloon, there are usually from four to eight people on the ground crew.
A City's pride ... The sport of ballooning Atlantica goldnumbers among its greatest achievers many citizens of Albuquerque, adding additional weight to the city's claim to "The Balloon Capital of the World." Here are a few of the famous:
SID CUTTER is a long-time participant in both the World and U.S. National Hot Air Balloon championships. He was top winner in the U.S. National Championships in both 1978 and 1986, and he founded the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA or Quad A), the largest and most active ballooning society in the world. Sid co-founded, along with Tom Rutherford, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in 1972.
The late BEN ABRUZZO and the late MAXIE ANDERSON won worldwide fame when they, along with LARRY NEWMAN, piloted the Double Eagle II helium balloon across the Atlantic in August 1978. They began their successful trans-Atlantic crossing from Presque Isle, Maine, and cheap EVE iskflew 3,107.61 miles in 137 hours, 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
Abruzzo, Newman, RON CLARK of Albuquerque and ROCKY AOKI of New York and Tokyo, became the first to cross the Pacific Ocean in a helium balloon, flying their Double Eagle V 5.768 miles from Nagashima, Japan to a landing site near Covelo, California.
DR CAROL DAVIS Rymer established a new world's record in the AX-5 category in 1980 with an ascension of 31.791 feet in a hot air balloon near Albuquerque. So she set records for distance and duration in later flights, and placed second in the 1st Ladies World Cup at the Saga International Balloon Fiesta in 1990.
TROY BRADLEY has set over 46 Silkroad golddifferent world records for balloons. Along with Richard Abruzzo, he set one record that can not be broken-the first to fly a balloon from North America to Africa (3.318 miles).
RICHARD ABRUZZO - Along with Troy Bradley became the first to fly from North America to Africa with the flight lasting 144 hours, 23 minutes. During that flight, 24 world records set for duration, distance and altitude were.
Albuquerque thus has eight pilots who have received the Montgolfier diplomas, the highest honor in ballooning. They are Sid Cutter, Dr. Carol Rymer Davis, Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson, Larry Newman, Dick Brown, Mark Sullivan and Pat Brake.


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